The “Scratch My Back” Initiative

Running an online business can present unforeseen challenges, which can put quite a dent in one’s pocket – especially when there are considerable costs involved in restoring normal operation and these costs are unplanned for. DDoS attacks are invariably underrated and overlooked in budget preparations, yet they can seriously harm one’s reputation and revenue stream.

Very few online players realize two facts ahead of time and come prepared:

  • DDoS attacks happen – the reasons and prompts for these devastating shutdowns vary extensively and one is not always able to foresee or decipher them all, and
  • Reliable and meaningful DDoS protection does not cost USD 15 a month. Real mitigation is rather an expensive business, employing multitudes of clusters, top-notch intelligent software/hardware solution stacks, pricy bandwidth allowances, round-the-clock monitoring and timely human intervention. None of the above come cheap, yet are obligatory in battling this modern-day plague.

So, you could find yourself in a situation where criminals are after your business’ demise, but lack the resources to get protected. Or, you are ready to spend some, but it’s not enough to secure the right level of protection. Well, here’s some good news:


We are prepared to extend our helping hand to you in return for PR action on your part. Vistnet will give you up to 50% off your subscription package – all depending on your long-term commitment to publicly recognizing us as your shield against the DDoS threat. Put a link to Vistnet on your site – you get a discount, plus write a “sticky” post in your forum – even more discount, place our ad for free – it all adds up. The more you do for us, the more we chop the price. Simple as that.

We believe that’s a fair offer. If you think so too, let us know and fill out the application form. We’d love to hear from you.

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